Tom Schedler: The Conservative Choice

Secretary of State Tom Schedler is running for re-election on a solid record of  innovation and efficiency in the areas of elections, business development and museums/archives.  Schedler’s priorities include protecting the integrity of every election, supporting businesses in filing their registration forms and preserving the history and symbols of our state.  He is a strong choice for conservatives and a proven leader who is completely committed to Louisiana’s success.  

During the last two years, the United Sates Justice Department and the NAACP/Project Vote have filed lawsuits against the state and specifically, the Secretary of State. Their stated goal is to obtain the private, confidential data of every registered voter in Louisiana.  That information includes your driver’s license number, your social security number, your mother’s maiden name and your date of birth.  Secretary Schedler has fought this lawsuit vigorously and has refused to turn over this private data in an effort to protect the identities of Louisiana’s registered voters.

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